As a product designer, getting into 3D printing was a no-brainer

“I was a product designer at a company that used to do merchandising and make promotional items. Instead of waiting for a sample to arrive from China, we bought a 3D printer which we used to create prototypes to show to our clients. I enjoyed working with the 3D printer so much that, after a month, I decided to buy a machine for myself. After much research, I got a Tripodmaker.

I enjoyed working with the Tripodmaker so much that I decided to contact the company and get to know more about them. I saw an interesting vacancy on their website which fit nicely with my background in advertising and graphic design. So I applied and got the job! At Tripodmaker we create Delta printers; unlike Cartesian printers, it takes some time to understand the mechanisms. But that’s what I like about it. That’s why I’m mesmerised every time I see a Delta printer in action!”