I always dreamed about having a company together with my son

“I’m running Felix Printers with my son (a derivative of Feliksdal, our last name). He completed a Masters in Mechatronic System Design at TU Delft. His dream has always been to create a humanlike robot for people who can buy it to use at home. After his studies he went to work for a company and in his free time he started to develop a human robot. It’s a walking robot which physically behaves and walks like a human. He developed it further and at some point had his design ready. He was planning to build a prototype. He required parts to build the robot, but noticed that the parts to create his robot were very expensive. So he bought a simple DIY reprap 3D printer to print his own parts.

After weeks of assembling his kit he got that thing to work. The output of the 3D printing quality was absolutely not according to his requirements. He asked me “Dad, have you heard of 3D printing?” And he showed me a printed model. He also showed me a youtube video about 3D printing. That’s when we both got very excited about it.

I’ve worked for over 25 years at Philips, responsible for high tech development projects. So my background totally fits with the field. At some point we started to discuss the concept of creating our own printers, because we thought we can do it much better. So about 5 years ago we started to develop the concept of a new 3D printer. We incorporated a fit for purpose approach and dynamic behaviour of the mechanism which resulted in high quality output of the printer.

We are now located in Utrecht where we are running the entire business from development to production of the printers. We are operating worldwide now and have over 50 resellers all over the world. I always dreamed about having a company together with my son. Look at us now!”