3D printing industry is very collaborative, which creates a really positive vibe

“I’m the Vice President & General Manager of NinjaTek, a company which offers high performance and high quality filaments and 3D printer parts. I’m very passionate about the performance of our products and my goal is to share what our products can do in an industrial setting for the people out there. Everyone experiences problems with their line going down from time to time and at NinjaTek we help people keep their line up and running. That’s what makes me jump out of bed every morning – keeping things running smoothly!

Before getting involved in 3D printing, I used to work in the food industry. As I wanted a new challenge, I got into the 3D printing industry. One of my favourite things about working in this industry is the fact that there’s a lot of innovation and plenty of exciting ways to share how this technology can make our lives much easier. Most importantly, the 3D printing industry is incredibly collaborative – you can see competitors working together with the shared goal of creating high-quality products; that makes for a really positive vibe.”