Consumer: The person who is not acting in the course of a business on appeal.

Day: 24 hours.

Grace period: The period within which the consumer can make use of his right of withdrawal.

Right of withdrawal: the ability for consumers to cancel the purchase within the waiting period.

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1. These general conditions apply to every contact of the enterprise, and on any agreement reached between the company and the consumer.

2. The general conditions are made available before the contract is closed.

3. If the contract is concluded by electronic means, the terms and conditions will also be provided on a digital platform.

4. If one or more provisions of these terms are partially or completely void these provisions will be modified by mutual agreement, while the agreement remains.

5. Ambiguities in general terms should be interpreted in the spirit of these terms.

1. If the offer is valid under a limited duration or under limited conditions this shall be explicitly stated in the offer.

2. The offer is entirely voluntary, the enterprise is entitled to change the offer.

3. The offer includes a detailed description of the offered product and / or service. The description is accurate enough to take an informed decision for consumers. Obvious errors or mistakes do not bind the company.

4. Drawings, specifications and details of the offer are indications and may not give rise to damages or rescission of the contract.

5. Pictures of the offerings are truthful. The enterprise can not guarantee that the colors displayed exactly match the actual colors.

6. Each offer contains such information that is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are created. This affects in particular:

1. The price inclusive of taxes

2. Any shipping

3. the application of the right of withdrawal

4. the method of payment, delivery and performance of the contract.

5. the period within which the company guarantees the price.

6. other languages, outside Dutch, in which the contract can be concluded.

1. The agreement is established, subject to that which is shorted out in Article 4.

2. If the offer is accepted electronically, the company will confirm this acceptance electronically. As long as this electronic acceptance has not been confirmed by the company, the consumer can cancel the agreement.

3. If the agreement is created electronically, the company provides a safe web environment and transfer of data.

4. Each agreement is entered into under the condition precedent of sufficient availability of the products / services.

5. The enterprise will make available the following information, for it to be stored on a data carrier:

1. the address of the company where the consumer can address any complaints.

2. the conditions under which the consumer can use the right of withdrawal.

3. the data included in article 4, paragraph 3.

1. When providing services, the consumer has the opportunity, without giving any reason, to terminate the contract for 14 days starting on the day of entering into the agreement.

2. To make use of the right of withdrawal the consumer will focus on the reasonable and clear instructions of the company.

1. During the period mentioned the prices of the products and / or services have not increased in the offer, except for price changes resulting from changes in the VAT rate.

2. The prices mentioned in the offer include VAT.

3. All prices are subject to misprints. For the consequences of misprints no liability is accepted by the company. The company is not obliged to deliver the products to the manifest error rate.

1. The company guarantees that the product meets the specifications listed in the agreement.

2. An enhanced warranty does not affect the legal rights and claims that the consumer under the contract against the company would be entitled.

3. Any defects or faulty goods must be corresponded to the company, within 7 days after delivery. Return of the incorrect products must be in original packaging in new condition.

4. The guarantee does not apply if:

1. the consumer tried to repair the product on his own or using a third party.

2. the products are subjected to abnormal conditions or otherwise careless handling or contrary to the instructions of the enterprise.

1. The company will observe the greatest possible care when receiving and in the execution of the order.

2. The place of delivery address is what the consumer has made clear to the company.

3. All delivery times are indicative. While exceeding the estimated delivery date, the consumer is not entitled to compensation.

4. In case of dissolution in accordance with the right of withdrawal the company will refund the purchase price.

5. The risk of damage and / or loss of products rests with the company until the moment of delivery to the consumer, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

1. Unless otherwise agreed, the consumer has to pay the purchase price in full in the first 7 days after the order has been made.

2. The consumer has the duty to report inaccuracies in payment details to the company.

3. In case of default by the consumer, the business is subject to legal restrictions the right to charge the costs incurred in fairness to the consumer.

1. The company has a well-publicised complaints procedure, and treat each complaint in accordance with this procedure.

2. Complaints about the performance of the contract must be within 7 days after the observation fully and clearly described and submitted to the company.

3. The enterprise will reply to complaints within 14 days. If a complaint requires a longer procedure, the consumer will be notified of this within 14 days.

4. If a complaint can not be resolved by mutual agreement creates a dispute that is subject to article 15.

5. If the complaint is accepted by the company, the company will, at its option, replace or repair the product free of charge.

1. Contracts between the company and the consumer on which these terms and conditions apply exclusively to the Dutch law. Even if the consumer is resident in another country.
1. Additional or different provisions of these terms may not be to the detriment of consumers and should be recorded in writing in such a way that it is available in an accessible way for consumers.