I’m a true tech guy

“When I lived in Italy 3 years ago I started looking for campaigns on kickstarter. I saw the Prusa i3 and was curious to find out how it worked. So I ordered a kit, played around with it and after 2 months I finally built my own 3D printer. I was impressed! I used to browse for models on Thingiverse, but after a while I got bored and wanted to be able to design my own creations for the machine. So I moved to London where I studied how to design models at a 3D print academy. The city proved to be great for networking and gave me lots of career opportunities. I got a job as a designer at a 3D print company and also met my current business partner there.

When the company shut down the design team, I decided to not sob about it and instead take a leap and start my business with my partner called 3DNA Ltd. We are now a team of 2 designers specialised in different areas of 3D printing. I’m into geometrical design and my partner is into organic design. That means he’s able to sculpt your face! We use video games as an inspiration to advertise our skills. We take Hearthstone Warcraft hero cards and turn them into 3D models. We now even have cosplayers coming to us asking for us to model or to create a final product.

I’m personally also a Youtuber. I review filaments and other products to get my name out there and I also teach people how to design. I love building tight relationships with companies to show the best of their products. I have around 6000 followers now! Hopefully I can push it up to 10.000 soon.