Our dream is to build a house from 3D printed material

“5 years ago I was studying in Dusseldorf as part of Erasmus Exchange when an Italian friend of mine told me that he was building a Reprap printer made from 3d printed parts. That really grabbed my attention. So when I got back to Italy I got my own assemble kit from the US, but it wasn’t working. After trying to fix it ourselves, we brought the machine to a workshop where the guys working there helped us to fix our machine. We got along with them so well that we decided to build another machine together.

All 5 of us had a background in industrial design and the guys from the workshop were great at electronics and design. Since we had the necessary skills and expertise, we thought, why not work together? We first started in a small exhibition in Italy where we presented our first model. Lots of people got interested in our creations, we started selling our models and now we’re a company. We currently have an expansive reseller network and sell all around the world.

Our printers are oddly shaped, because they print in high speed and high quality and are able to build bigger stuff. It’s also a lot easier to create larger machines this way. Our dream is to build a house from 3D printed materials. That’s why we’re also working on printing with concrete or clay. We’re also opening an open-source technological village for 3D printing named Shamballa. Everyone capable of building something is welcome.”