“I’m kind of a Sci-Fi Geek”

“I’m currently running the test lab at Dutch Filaments and am in charge of optimisation of test procedures. I also support the filament design team and am basically a product development backer. Here I’m truly able to turn my hobby into my job. Before joining the 3D printing industry, I worked in telecom. After many years of working at KPN I wanted to get my creative juices flowing and started building my own computer by hand. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as slick as I wanted it to be, so I started looking for other ways to build it. That’s when I stumbled upon 3D printing.

I’ve been invited to Makerspace and have won international case modding competitions, but the coolest computer I’ve ever built was the Yazi Venator Class Star Destroyer. It took me 150 hours to design and 250 hours to print all 52 pieces. The first time I build it with aluminium, the second time with PLA and the third time with PET and Nylon. This year I got flown in to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to showcase my creation. I sometimes worked 12 to 16 hours a day prior to the show to make it as perfect as possible. Oh man, I had an amazing time! Before the end of the year I have to deliver a Death Star for NVIDIA, the largest graphics card producer. With a little bit of luck, this could be my next ticket to Las Vegas.”