We are excited to introduce you to another member of our dream team! René Wessels is a Dutch-born gaming enthusiast with a constant smile on his face and a versatile background in psychology, social work and law.

Before he started his journey at Printr as a Legal Advisor, Rene spent a year working with children with an autism related condition at Autismehuis in Zwolle, where he was an extra-hand for them. Whenever they had issues or were angry at someone, he’d encourage them to sit together and try to work it out. “What I really liked about this job was how well I connected with those kids and how much they enjoyed spending time in the center while I was there,” says Rene. “I wanted to help them understand the world around them and make their lives easier, however, I also realized that some people are just the way they are and that I couldn’t help everyone.”

After quitting his job at the center, Rene joined Printr as a legal advisor and later was asked to take care of business development. Today he is in charge of keeping track of stocks, finding resellers and partners for the business and maintaining good relationships with them. When he is not away from the office with a printer in his hands, ready to pay a visit to one of our partners, Rene prints 3D models and tests new releases. His latest, and by far, most favourite model is the Moai statue printed in wood.

His personal goal at Printr is to show people with no technical knowledge that 3D printing is not so hard and, in fact, can be loads of fun, which he demonstrates by his own example: “When I just joined Printr, I had no idea about 3D printing whatsoever, and look at me now!”

Rene has always been a creative person: he used to play soccer, take craft courses and even played in a rock band with our CEO back in the days (and we can only imagine how much fun it was!). “I really enjoy doing pretty much everything that allows me to be creative and use my brain, whether it is filling a silent room with music, or an empty printer with a cool 3D model…”