Only 1 to 3% of plastic is recycled worldwide, we want to change that

“I’ve always been very excited about tech and gadgets. As a teenager I used to sell lots of stuff online, like iPods and phone accessories. You can pretty much say I’ve always been a business guy. About 3 years ago my dad was interested in selling 2D printers and that’s when we also started reading up on 3D printers and filament. We noticed that no one is actively promoting sustainability in 3D printing, so I set out to bridge that gap in the market by starting Filamentive.

I actually studied Environment and Business at Leeds University where I learned about sustainability and environmental issues. So I had the right knowledge and expertise. Unfortunately, only 1 to 3% of global plastic is recycled, we want to change that. In 3D printing material is too often thrown away, so I think it’s important to reuse.

All of the products we sell at Filamantive are recycled and we don’t use any virgin or raw materials. We’re helping the Fablab community to dispose of their waste and pioneering recycling in 3D printing, so people can have high quality sustainable filaments. Although we’re still quite new, we’re really excited to jump into the European market.”