Building 3D printers allows me to combine my passion for design with my passion for engineering

“Back in 2012 I was working at a big company in engineering and had the feeling 3D printing could be something interesting. As I was into home design and making furniture, I started creating a little liquor cabinet. We had a oddly shaped corner in our house at the time, so we thought, we might as well make something that fits into that odd shape. It turned out that creating furniture is really labor intensive, so I was looking for a technology that allowed me to make furniture in a faster way.

It took 3 months to make the cabinet in an old fashioned way with wood. I bought sheets of wood, had to chop them in pieces, glue them together, sand them, paint them, just to have a mediocre demo. It was also quite expensive to create it in the old-fashioned way. That’s when I started exploring 3D printers and playing around with this technology. With 3D printing it took only 10 hours to print a piece of furniture, which was more efficient compared to the way I used to do it before.

Surprisingly, people weren’t that interested in the piece itself, but were more curious to know HOW I printed it. It made me decide to move away from furniture and push my energy towards creating my own 3D printer. Back in the days when I developed my first printer, it was specification based, as that was what the industry wanted at that time. However, now people tend to pay increasingly more attention to design, they want to own beautiful printers.That’s why at Tripodmaker we focus on making high quality printers that also look good. Now I can finally combine my passion for design with my passion for engineering.”