I accidentally stumbled into 3D printing

“I studied Mechanical Engineering in Israel. I took some classes related to 3D printing, but you don’t get exposed to the real thing in university. You have to get your own experience. Next to my studies, I’ve always been very active with music and played several gigs as a freelance musician. A couple of years ago I coincidentally got a gig at a 3D printing conference in Israel where my band and I played for visitors during breaks. At that time 3D printing was merely a concept to me. That conference actually accidentally exposed me to the industry. And I’m really happy it happened!

With a friend I started to build a kit and then I continued building printers for fun. Afterwards I got a job where I gained a lot of knowledge of 3D printing and worked at Autodesk for 1.5 year in the Israel office. About 2 months ago I moved to Germany and joined BigRep as a Mechanical Engineer. I’m not planning to leave the field anytime soon.”