Meet Matthew, our new intern from the UK. Matthew is freshly arrived all the way from Moscow where, among other things, he was working for a company which used a 3D Bioprinter to fabricate organ constructs. Being a biotechnology student, Matthew was looking for a dissertation topic, when he stumbled upon one very interesting video: “It was called ‘3D printing a human kidney’ and after I saw it, my life changed forever. I had no idea such things were possible and that’s how I got involved in the 3D printing industry!”

At Printr Matthew gets to do what he really enjoys doing – working with 3D printers, testing them out and making sure the software works properly. “It’s extremely cool how with 3D printing one can just manufacture something from absolutely nothing,” he says. “Some things that you couldn’t even think about 5 years ago are now possible with this amazing technology!”

Apart from testing 3D printers, Matthew plays the French Horn professionally (he even used to play in a band in Russia) and works as a science tutor. But his favourite thing to do is to travel – Matthew has been to 40 different countries: “The most remarkable places I’ve traveled to so far were South Korea and Burma, I was blown away by the cultural heritage and the nature there!”

Matthew keeps us amazed with his crazy stories about unusual experiences that he had while traveling around the world. “Once when I used to work in Russia, I went to a village near Khabarovsk for ice fishing. I think I was the first foreigner to go there, so everyone treated me like I was a celebrity. It was -35 degrees and for 2 days I had nothing but vodka and shashlik (skewered meat). Great way to experience the Russian spirit, isn’t it?”