Our goal is to educate the next generation of creators

“2.5 years ago I was running a digital creative agency selling concepts to businesses. I was incredibly interested in 3D printing and was conceptualizing innovative and advanced ideas, which were perhaps a bit too futuristic for some companies. I figured, the only way to bring these ideas to life is by starting a business of my own. And that’s exactly what I did. I bought a 3D printer, learned how to work with it and started reading international tech blogs. I discovered that these were pretty difficult to read. So I started summarizing them and translating them to Dutch and eventually found myself blogging about 3D printing every day. That’s how 3d-printmagazine.com was born.

But I had more ambition in me. So next to my online magazine, I also founded a startup catering 3D printing to schools. My kids wanted to start 3D printing at school and when I did some research I found that lots of schools were interested in the concept too. But I also found that when schools buy a 3D printer, they don’t quite know how to operate it and it eventually ends up being unused. So I thought, why not start a lesson plan for schools and provide them with support and software to successfully print? That’s how we started training teachers and my initiative ultimately became part of maakonderwijs.nl

I eventually met a business partner who was also operating into the same field so we ended up merging. Our company, Assembl3d, consists of 4 major brands active in 3D printing. One of our brands, 3D Makers Zone, is a facilitated excellence center where we help companies innovate and invent things. To lower the barriers in 3D printing for businesses, we provide the knowledge, expertise, staff, machines, 3D modelers and materials so companies can learn and speed up their innovation. We basically provide lots of external R&D. It’s like modern entrepreneurship for companies not having to own all hardware and staff any more but have access to it and flexibly rent it. We work with lots of big partners like TNO, NLR, KPN, KLM, Rabobank, City of Amsterdam and most infrastructure companies. In fact, the Ministry of Economic Affairs granted us the ‘Fieldlab’ status, meaning we are a certified research and innovation incubator and facilitator. We’re pretty proud.”