I went from being a cook to becoming a serial entrepreneur in 3D printing

“At age 15 my dream was to become a top chef. So I left my parents’ home to start an apprenticeship in that field and worked for a couple of years in Top Restaurant with Michelin Star. I decided to go for a master degree and wanted to take a break and make some money. I visited a friend that lived in Spain and worked at a Timeshare Resort. That’s when I learned that apart from cooking, I was also really good at selling. My initial plan was to stay for 6 months, but I ended up living there for 5 years before moving to the Caribbean for another 2 Years

In 1994 I moved to Dubai and set up my own company and together with a friend we developed a timeshare resort in India and marketed it to people in Dubai. In 2001, we unfortunately split, so I went to Las Vegas, where for the first time I saw 3D crystal engraving technology which laser engraved holograms of scanned human faces. I had the opportunity to show the technology to the chairman of the Dubai Duty Free who was so impressed that he gave me a space inside the retail space of the Dubai Duty Free. In the coming years we introduced a number of other personalization concepts and opened a number of retail locations in high profile Malls.

About 6 years ago I got excited about 360 degree scanning that allows the creation of lifelike 3D printed models of people. We investigated and found technology that we could customize that gave us high resolution scans which we combined with the latest generation of 3D printers which had the quality we were looking for to 3D print these models. We called the product TIM (an abbreviation for “This Is Me”). We managed to get a lot of attention and realised there was so much more happening in the 3D printing space. We started providing 3d printing services, for architects and designers and became a distributor for  big names, like 3Doodler and Ultimaker in the Middle Eastern market. Today our company has 130 people and we’re the largest manufacturer of crystal engraved products, merchandise for theme parks and the hub for 3D printing in the Middle East.”