Meet Karim, our software developer and tech geek. He is the person behind our Katana slicer that converts a 3D model into instructions for a 3D printer. He is also a contact point for our clients’ technical questions and feedback. His favourite things about working at Printr are getting to work with the latest technology and being surrounded by young energetic people who share his passion for 3D printing. “My work gives me an opportunity to be creative and learn something new every day!” – says Karim. – “It can also be quite challenging and stressful at times, but that’s the way I like it!”

Karim is half Spanish, half Moroccan and was born and raised in Spain. He moved to the Netherlands almost 4 years ago and says this country still keeps surprising him every day: “Every time I go outside, I see everyone moving around by bikes – from children to the elderly, that’s very amusing to watch!”

Karim really enjoys printing 3D models: once he has 3D printed a model of himself and gave it to his mom. Besides printing “mini Karims”, he loves making and editing videos that would transmit feelings, mixing random scenes with epic music. “I love to make people cry with those videos!” – he jokes.