One day I realised my job didn’t excite me anymore, so I started my own distribution company for 3D printers

“I’m the CEO of Trideus, which is a distribution company for 3D printers in the Benelux region. 7 years ago I started my own company specialised in cremation for pets from scratch and built it up to a fully functioning company. Eventually I got tired of working nine to five and realised my work didn’t excite me anymore. At that time I discovered 3D printing, and I got really into it.

So I did some market research and started a simple B2C 3D printing webshop selling 3D printers. Eventually this venture grew into B2B consultancy for businesses, where we provided companies with recommendations on which printer to get, based on their individual needs. Finally, we shifted to distribution, testing every 3D printer on the market and distributing high quality printers such as Tripodmaker, Ultimaker, Formlabs and Zortrax to the Benelux region. I’m very happy to have made this career switch.”