I love how we’re building something from the ground up

“I don’t know how I got into 3D printing, it was kind of a coincidence. I started out in a position that didn’t have anything to do with 3D printing, then got interested in filaments and got a job as Sales Manager at Fiberlogy about a year ago. We try to give users the highest quality materials on the market. We started doing research last year by experimenting with ideas to create new materials and we’re currently moving into selling it.

We’re a young and fresh company and I very much like the excitement of working in a startup, building something from the ground up. I also like that we’re doing something revolutionary, bring a new type of technology to the market. It’s like nothing that has ever been done before, and I get a lot of fulfilment from that. I like how my work in some sense became my new hobby. I mean, I found myself printing new designs even in the weekends. That’s something I would have never envisioned!