Formide is an online platform connected to The Element that enables you to control 3D printers and manage projects. It’s your go-to place to organize different printers, files, materials and slice profiles and browse 3D models from our integrated database. With our built-in cloud-slicer Katana, you can select one of our preconfigured slice profiles optimized for your 3D printer or tweak over 90 different settings yourself. Through the power of the cloud, Formide enables you to invite others, queue print jobs, remote monitor your prints and receive instant feedback – wirelessly and effortlessly.

Store & Organize

Upload your 3D models directly to the cloud and access them from anywhere from any web-enabled device. One place to organize your 3D files.

  • Upload .STL files – Upload your 3D models on Formide from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Upload Gcode – Prepare your 3D models with your favorite slicer and upload them to your Library on Formide. Keep track of all your projects using Formide’s intuitive storage system.
  • Organize – Organize your 3D models and Gcodes in folders and store them in one place. Keep a clear overview of all your 3D printing projects.
  • Explore –  Get inspired on what to print next with a database of over 60.000 curated and printable content from the search engine. Simply add files to your Library and prepare them for printing.

Slice from anywhere, on any device

Formide comes with built-in cloud slicer Katana. Modify your models, select your printer, materials and slice profile, and let the cloud slice it for you. The generated Gcode is sent directly to your 3D printer.
Slicing has never been so easy.

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Full Control

Queue, pause, stop and check the status of your prints at any time from anywhere in the world.

  • Stream from anywhere –  No more hassle with SD cards or USB cables attached to your laptop and not being able to close your computer. Start a print remotely and close your browser whenever you please. No worries, your print will keep going.
  • Remote Monitoring –  Monitor the status of your print from anywhere in the world at any time. Simply log into your Formide account and check the progress of your print.
  • Instant feedback – If an error occurs, you can easily pause or stop your print without having to waste filament ever again. No more endless spaghetti prints.
  • Queue printjobs – Don’t waste your valuable time waiting for a print to finish. Prepare your next job in advance by queueing. All you have to do is hit Go.

Mix & Match Settings

Printer settings

Got a new 3D printer? Add it to your account and easily switch between printers.

Slice profiles

When you find that perfect slice profile for your printer, material, and model, never lose it again!

Material profiles

Choose a material profile from our database. Settings come straight from the filament manufacturer.

View your Gcode

View your Gcode layer by layer before printing your model and refine wherever needed.

  • Optimize – Forgot to add a raft to your model? The Gcode viewer helps you visualize, optimize and refine your model. Never miss a detail again.
  • Check speed – View how fast your printer will be extruding on different parts of your model as indicated by the range of colors.
  • Animate Gcode – See how your Gcode is built up and the sequence in which your model will be printed.

Share your 3D printer

Collaborate with friends and colleagues and print multiple projects on multiple printers from anywhere in the world. Queue files, share your printer and remotely monitor projects through the power of the internet.

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