3D Printing for everybody! Formide is a dedicated 3D Printing cloud platform that enables anyone, regardless of technical skill, to enjoy a smooth and productive 3D printing experience. Whether you are a new user looking for pre-defined profiles or an experienced user wishing to tweak your 3D printer to perfection; you can do it all on Formide.

Store & Organize

One place to organize your 3D files.

  • Upload .STL files – Upload from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • Upload Gcode – Prepare your 3D models with your favorite slicer.

  • Organize – Organise and store your files in one place.

  • Explore –  Browse and add 3D models from MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse.

Slice from anywhere, on any device

Formide comes with built-in cloud slicer Katana. Modify your models, select your printer, materials and slice profile, and let the cloud slice it for you. Slicing has never been so easy.

Mix & Match Settings

Printer settings

Got a new 3D printer? Add it to your account and easily switch between printers.

Slice profiles

When you find that perfect slice profile for your printer, material, and model, never lose it again!

Material profiles

Choose a material profile from our database. Settings come straight from the filament manufacturer.

View your Gcode

View your Gcode layer by layer before printing and refine wherever needed.

  • Optimize – Visualise and refine your settings.

  • Check speed – View printing speeds based on the range of colors.

  • Animate Gcode – See each individual line or layer.

Full Control

Queue, pause, stop and check the status of your prints at any time from anywhere in the world.

  • Stream from anywhere –  Print remotely wherever you are.

  • Remote Monitoring –  Monitor your printer from any browser.

  • Remote Control – Change printing speeds, temperatures, flow rates and much more without touching your printer.

  • Queue printjobs – Prepare your next job in advance by queueing.

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