When you are truly passionate about innovation and high quality, choose your partner carefully!

FELIXprinters and Printr innovating the 3D printing industry.

Partnerships between organisations can yield benefits beyond the goods or the services initially thought to contract. Companies can get better at what they do and improve faster when working together and complementing their capabilities.

Different enterprises bring different perspectives, competencies and personalities.
All those applied to a shared challenge, dramatically increase the chances for generating innovative solutions.

“Chris and I truly believe that when you assemble a team of committed people who bring to the table different perspectives and knowledge, friction will arise, but we have also experienced that with the friction creativity is stimulated and fostered. The important thing is to ensure a shared purpose, and cultivate openness and trust.” – says Douwe, Printr’s CEO.

To condensate 3 years of partnership in a short story, let’s say that the path to what FELIXprinters offers to its customers today is a natural evolution of our common innovation roadmap. Their customers wanted a simpler and faster experience while keeping good quality. Printr’s mission statement is “Everybody 3D print. Everything. Everytime. Everywhere.” There could not be a better match!

From the first demo results FELIXprinters decided that Printr software would create value to its customers, while reducing their internal investment in R&D.

The first step of the partnership was selling Printr’s Element together with the existing line-up to give to their customers an out of the box, Plug & Play experience and innovative software (cloud based slicing, compatibility with Simplify3D/Cura, 3D content integration  from MyMiniFactory, and pre-configured materials & settings). This would come with customer support and continued development that could be acquired in the next printer upgrades.

This is what happened between Printr and FELIXprinters during the last three years. It all started with a simple consideration from Felix engineers: “There is definitely room to improve the way 3D printers are operated nowadays. Since the first printers appeared on the market not much has changed from a software perspective. Focus goes on mechanics and for some brands on aesthetic.”

“Software was and is our playground and we’re excited that an innovative manufacturer like Felix felt the same way.”, says Chris, Printr’s CTO. Collaboration started by hacking their Felix 3.0. “Hacking is fun, you learn a great deal and more ideas get triggered.”

Winner of 2017 European Product Design Award

The second step was once more a natural evolution, the printers were now sold with The Element embedded, into a touch-screen module. This meant the partnership was becoming tighter even from a product perspective.

With the original idea of innovating the industry, while carefully listening to customer’s needs, the move to an embedded touch-screen managed by Printr software, was a no brainer. FELIXprinters now ships most of their 3D printers furnished with the Formide powered touch-screen module to it’s professional and non-professional customers. This allows them to enjoy and exploit the power of the cloud (Printr Formide Cloud Platform) without needing a separate device to connect it.

FELIXprinters and Printr made the use of the machine more intuitive and simple, and on top of that now offer a cloud based workflow that gives benefits like multi-material optimisation (two materials with same quality as mono), monitoring of the print progress and filaments, 24/7 operations, user collaboration and maintenance alerts (for example the integration of filament detection hardware and software).

New features are already in the pipeline and will be shipped to current and new FELIXprinters customers in upcoming months. The joint Team feels it is only half a way through what can be done and offered to the 3D printing community, professionals and non.

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