Say hi to David from Los Angeles, California, who joined our team to work as a Full Stack Developer. David attended the University of California, where he studied Economics and International studies. After graduating, he worked as a banker for two years, after that he joined a real estate company, where he was in charge of operations and marketing. While working there, David started focusing on digital marketing and advertising, which led to him trying his hands at basic programming. When looking for intensive bootcamps for programming, David stumbled upon a programming course in Amsterdam. After finishing the course, he was offered a job at Printr.

“I’ve always been interested in 3D printing, because I believe that in the future, everybody’s going to have a 3D printer in their households. I was truly intrigued by this amazing technology, but had no prior experience using a 3D printer or being involved in the industry. However, during my first week working at Printr I learned a lot, while running testing of The Element and Formide.”

Being a huge music nerd, David really enjoys going on concerts and is always browsing the web seeking for new music. The first 3D model that he printed was a guitar capo.

David is also really into sports. “I can stay up till 2 o’clock in the morning watching games broadcasted live at home” – he laughs.

When he’s not busy coding, watching sports or enjoying a live performance of his favourite band, David finds himself traveling and exploring Europe. “Living in Amsterdam is completely different from the way things are back in US. I like that the city is very diverse and has people coming from different backgrounds. I also enjoy its nature: parks, lakes and canals. The only thing I don’t like about Amsterdam is its funky weather!”