Extensively tested 3D printers with The Element

As we test The Element on as many printers as we can get our hands on, we have extensive experience testing: FELIX 3, FELIX 3.1, FELIX Pro 1, FELIX Pro 2, Builder Mono, Builder Premium, BCN3D Sigma, Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2Go. We can confirm their complete compatibility with our solutions. Additionally, we have created preconfigured slice profiles for these printers which you can use on Formide.

Compatible 3D printers

The Element is compatible with absolutely every printer that runs on Marlin or Repetier firmware (or any other related protocol). That’s approximately of 500+ printer manufacturers. We have built an example list listing some of the many printers that should be compatible for you.

  • Hyrel Journeyman (E4)
  • iNvent One
  • iNvent OneZbot FDM-M1
  • Kossel Mini R2
  • Kossel XL
  • Kreator Motion 3DKreator
  • Kuhling&Kuhling HT500
  • Leapfrog Creatr Dual
  • Leapfrog Creatr HS Dual
  • Leapfrog Creatr HS XL Dual
  • Leapfrog XEED Dual
  • Litto
  • lLulzBot Mini
  • Lulzbot A0
  • Lulzbot Kittaz
  • Airwolf AXIOM
  • Airwolf HD
  • Airwolf HD2x
  • Airwolf HDL
  • Airwolf HDR
  • BI V2.5
  • Cyrus
  • da Vinci 1.0
  • da Vinci 1.0 AiO
  • da Vinci 1.0 Junior
  • da Vinci 1.0 Pro
  • da Vinci 1.1 Plus
  • da Vinci 2.0 Duo
  • FACTORY 2.0
  • Huxley
  • Huxley Duo
  • Hyrel Apprentice (E3)
  • Hyrel Hobbyist (E2)
  • MakerGear M2
  • MakerGear M2 v4
  • MakerGear M2 v4 Dual
  • Makibox HT
  • Makibox LT
  • Mamba3d
  • Mankati Fullscale XT
  • Mbot Cube
  • Mbot Cube Dual
  • Mbot Grid II
  • MendelMax
  • MendelMax 2
  • MendelMax 3
  • MendelMax 3 Dual
  • MiniMax
  • MOD-tMendel
  • Overlord
  • Overlord Pro
  • PowerWASP EVO
  • Printrbot Play
  • Protos v3
  • Rostock MAX v2
  • Shark
  • Solidoodle Workbench
  • Type A Machines Series 1
  • Type A Machines Series 1 Pro
  • Velleman K8200
  • Velleman K8400
  • Witbox
  • Witbox 2
  • Zbot FDM 35-2525
  • Zbot FDM 46-25×25
  • Zbot FDM 46-3535
  • Zbot FDM 50-50×50
  • Zbot FDM D1
  • Zbot FDM-i1s
  • Zbot FDM-i2s
  • Zbot FDM-M1
  • Zinter Aero
  • Zinter Architect
  • Zinter Home
  • Zinter Pro
  • Zmorph 2.0S Dual Pro

We noticed that these printer companies occasionally do change or rewrite their firmware and it is impossible to keep track of all of these or to create a running list. Some printers may have known firmware issues, which could mean that they are temporarily incompatible with the Element. If you are unsure whether your printer will be compatible with the Element, just write to us and we will investigate further for you. This is our Printr Promise!

Didn’t find your 3D printer in the list?

Printr is constantly developing new features for Formide and The Element, as well as support of more 3D printers onto the platform.

Didn’t find your printer on the list? Request support for it!

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