Our goal is to support the Additive Manufacturing industry beyond the hype

“Our company was founded by my father in 1964 with the aim to provide management and administrative support to international and local European trade associations and platforms.. Presently we support organisations in sectors like cartonboard packaging, labels, tapes, various recycling sectors (including paper, metal and textiles), radiation curing technology, chemical parks, promotional products etc..

More importantly, this year we re-launched the 3D printing association (3DPA), a start-up association that aims to advance additive manufacturing technology in Europe.. Our aim is to develop this platform into an independent European B2B-liaison between different stakeholder groups that will influence the future development of this technology, from materials and equipment providers through to service providers, market platforms etc.

Prior to the acquisition of 3DPA, we set up a stakeholder survey last year and sent it out to a large address database. The findings not only gave us valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for the technology as such, but also about the viability and future agenda for a pan European, member-driven business platform for the sector.

We set up a stakeholder brainstorm session last February with some larger printer manufacturers, suppliers and consultants and discussed the survey’s findings. All parties agreed on the fact that there is a real need for an association which should undertake some projects that help the technology forward and that has the power to influence and advice European Commission policy makers, in order to overcome these hurdles. We also saw a need for more cross industry collaboration between stakeholders to improve standardisation in the industry. I see a bright future ahead of the Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing industry, as long as all parties are willing to work together towards unity. This way, 3DPA can support the second industrial revolution going beyond the hype.”