My aim is to get 1500 girls excited about 3D printing this summer

“Makergirl was founded at the University of Illinois, where I’m currently doing a Finance and Psychology major. My university is the first business school to have a 3D printing lab. Through a friend I heard about Makergirl’s mission to inspire girls to get into math and science and to eliminate gender inequality in these fields. We see 3D printing as a tool to introduce girls to STEM ( science, tech, engineering math) in a different way. Makergirl is a way to challenge the next generation of girls to be the next leaders in tech.

What I like about Makergirl is that we attract girls from all across campus and across majors to join the organisation. I think it’s important to have people from different educational backgrounds supporting these programs, instead of only engineering students. I’m part of a team of 4 girls who travel the whole summer around the US teaching sessions in cities that we thought were underserved. We especially visit rural communities. Ultimaker actually donated 15 printers to us to get mobile with during the roadtrip. Our aim is to impact 1500 girls this summer.”