Meet Alan, our UK-born Senior Front-end Developer with a degree in Computer Science. He used to do front-end development and design an online service for the company that did market research before he heard about Printr from one of his friends and decided to join our team.

“I really enjoy working at Printr. I love having a lot of freedom in my role and the fact that the things I do directly impact the company’s product, because the platform is the main part of what we do here,” – he says. Just like most of the people at Printr, Alan did not have any previous experience of working with a 3D printer before joining the company, but Printr truly opened his eyes for this technology. “I did heard of 3D printing before I started working at Printr. I used to live in Boston, US, where I stumbled upon several 3D printing shops, where you could go and see what it’s all about. Back then I thought it was pretty interesting.”

Alan’s first print was a small Formide logo that you can put on your keys. “At the moment the 3D printing industry as such seems pretty small and is definitely not a mainstream, but I believe there is a great potential in it: there are always some cool new materials coming out.”

Alan has many hobbies. He plays football in a team together with our Organisational Development Manager, these two can go about football forever during lunch. He also enjoys going to music festivals and seeing gigs and performances of small bands. “There is always something going on here in Amsterdam, you will never get bored. This city has buzz about it but still somehow it can be very cozy and laid-back. I try to avoid tourists on their bikes though, they can be really annoying!”