Making people feel great about themselves gives me lots of fulfilment

“I studied Science, Business and Innovation at VU Amsterdam which laid the foundation for Seeda, my company in 3D bioprinters. Right now we’re targeting the high end 3D printing market and are in the medical, education and automotive industry. I first learned about 3D printing in a documentary depicting the world in 50 years. They sketched a scenario of a heart patient that got a 3D printed heart transplant. While the patient was on the way to the hospital a 3D printer in the hospital lab manufactured his body part.

At the time the scenario was an animation, but I sought out to bring it to reality. At that time I hadn’t even heard about 3D printers. Now, 6 years later, we’re actually able to supply these machines to our local markets. We get bio printers from Korea that are used for tissue engineering and ultimately producing organs.

At this point in time we can’t make a functional heart yet, it’s a complex organ, but we’re getting there. We’re currently able to produce less complex body parts, like ears. It has more of an aesthetic value than a functional one, but the fact that we can produce these is a big development. The doctors make sure that the new organs fit with the same color of their patients’ skin. Having a good life is not only about having functional body parts (don’t get me wrong, it’s super important), but also about feeling great about your physical appearance. We support our clients into getting our products up and running and provide the tools to change people’s lives. Making people feel great about themselves gives me lots of fulfilment.”