Printr’s mission

Printr is a Dutch startup founded in 2014 on a mission to bring the tomorrow 3D printing experience to your today 3D printer. Printr’s ecosystem consists of The Element, a plug and play wireless mini-computer, which connects your 3D printer to Formide, our cloud-based platform that allows to easily prepare, queue, print, control and monitor multiple projects on multiple printers. Whether you’re an expert or just beginning to experiment with the wonders of 3D printing, you’ll be able to create fun and useful items on your 3D printer.

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Founding team

Douwe Bart Mulder
Douwe Bart MulderCEO & Co-founder
Cecile van der Waal
Cecile van der WaalCOO & Co-founder
Chris ter Beke
Chris ter BekeCTO & Co-founder

People of Printr

We’re printing the future

We are revolutionising how teams interact with 3D printers by creating software that lowers the technical knowledge needed to create a 3D print.

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