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The Element

The Element is a plug & play mini-computer and a wireless controller that can be connected to 180+ different 3D printers. With built-in Wi-Fi, a processor, and internal storage, the Element wirelessly connects your 3D printer to the power of the internet and Printr’s innovative cloud printing platform, Formide. Next generation 3D printing is only an upgrade away.

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Formide is an online platform connected with The Element. It is a place to organize the different printers, files, materials and slice profiles you already have, or to access preconfigured settings from Printr’s database. Using Formide, you can upload Gcodes and STLs, slice your 3D models, share your printer and print – wirelessly and effortlessly.

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Hassle-free 3D printing

With 160+ printer settings and 50+ material profiles preconfigured, it’s a matter of selecting your printer, model and the quality you’re looking for.

Increased productivity

Organize all your printers, material settings and slice profiles in one place. Never lose your perfect slice profile again.

Online Sharing & Monitoring

Queue, start and monitor your print jobs or invite friends to your Element-connected 3D printer from anywhere in the world at any time.

Printr for Education

Managing 3D printing in an educational setting can be a pain. Retain complete control over what to print and when to print it with our intuitive layout and templates.

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Printr for Business

Prototype easily and efficiently with team members across the globe. With our optimized material & slice profiles, you now spend your time deciding what to print, and not how to print.

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Printr for Makers

Easily mix and match printer, material and slicing settings to achieve prints that are high quality, quick, repeatable and unlikely to fail, every time.

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